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Looking for an Mililani plumbing service to repair your clogged or leaking toilet? Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii uses only the finest parts available to rebuild your toilet and backs it up with a full 6 month warranty.

We are familiar with the newer style toilets and have completed many toilet repairs in Mililani. Our trucks come fully stocked to repair or install any toilet. Our low overhead makes us the smart choice for toilet repairs in Mililani.  Why pay more for the same service and warranty? Our everyday price is lower than our competitor’s sale price.

Our plumbers are some of the best our area has to offer, they are not paid commission so you can trust your diagnosis to be only what is needed.  You can trust our Mililani plumbers & Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii to be  honest, dependable and affordable. We are also the plumbing contractor in Naples to call for expert clogged drain cleaning, water heater repair or installation, leaky toilet repair, shower valve repair and garbage disposals.

Frustrated by getting the other companies answering machine or answering service on the weekends or after 5 pm? An emergency plumber could be difficult to find. During an emergency, we know you wan’t to talk to a Naples emergency plumber immediately. That’s why our phones are answered by  licensed  plumbers,  24 hours a day.

Chances are we have serviced  your neighborhood before and know the common plumbing issues associated with your community.  Below is some of the communities we frequent often. Mililani, Hawaii has a higher concentration of gated communities than other cities. Developers gated many communities to protect property values, control what’s built inside and to keep unwanted guests out.  Please call your gate and let them know our plumbing service will be coming today. This will save us time and you money. Call now, one of our Mililani plumbers & Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii may be just around the corner dial 808-621-4851

Hawaii Sewer Lines Jet Service
Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii offers High Pressure Sewer Jetting Service when a sewer or drain line has too many roots and grease. Our sewer water jet machine is a mongoose Jetter that delivers 3,000 psi @ 12 gallons per minute to thoroughly clean your sewer. Our sewer water jet is mounted right in our truck and is always on the job if needed. We use engineer designed warthog sewer nozzles that will scour away any grease on the walls of the pipe and shear off roots that a sewer snake will not cut out. You will definitely save money with this type of service which will keep your sewer functioning versus a sewer line replacement.

Many of our customers at Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii choose to have their sewers water jetted due to excessive roots or grease build up in the sewer and do not want to risk any sewage flooding into their finished basements that can cause thousands in damage. Most sewers can be jetted as shown in before and after pictures and will save you money on a sewer repair especially if there is expensive landscaping and stonework in the front yard.

Hawaii Sewer Line Locating
Another service we provide is sewer line locating and drain line locating. Many contractors request this service when they are doing home additions and need to tie a line in to the existing sewer or are repairing a sewer. Other times when this service is used is when the main sewer trap has been buried or concreted over.  We perform this service by sending the sewer camera to the section of pipe needed and turning on a transmitting signal to the head of the camera. We are then able to use a locating device above ground to pinpoint the location of the camera head.

Hawaii Sewer Cleaning Service
Sewers usually clog due to tree roots growing into the sewer through the pipe connection joints and/or because of grease build up in the line. Both grease and roots will start to collect toilet paper over time and eventually become clogged. The grease usually will come from soap, laundry detergents, dish washing liquids etc. and will build up over time especially on a sewer line that has very little pitch. On all sewer cleaning jobs, we clean your sewer from the main sewer trap in to the rear riser and out to the county sewer for any Drain Cleaning or Line Cleaning Call Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii 808-621-4851.

Back flow Prevention in Hawaii - Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii - 808-621-4851

Are You Required To Have A Back flow Preventer in Hawaii?
Customers who have cross connections are responsible for preventing contaminants from entering the public water system through their individual plumbing system by installing and maintaining approved backflow prevention assemblies. The following is a list of most frequently asked questions:

What is Cross Connection in Hawaii Drinking Water?
A cross connection is any connection between piping that carries drinking water (also known as potable water) and the piping or fixtures that carry other types of water or substances that are not safe to drink (also known as non-potable). Substances include gases, liquids, or solids such as chemicals, water products, steam, water from other sources and any matter that may change the color, taste, quality, or odor to water.

What Are Some Examples of Residential Cross Connection Plumbing in Hawaii?
Examples include residential fire systems, wells or auxiliary water systems, lawn irrigation systems, boilers, and swimming pools and hot tubs that are hard piped for filling purposes.

What is Back flow and Why is Back flow Prevention Necessary?
Drinking water normally flows in one direction (from the meter to the house), although under certain circumstances it can flow in the opposite direction or “back flow.”

A back flow incident can happen at any time. All that is needed is a water pressure drop in the public water system main line, most commonly caused by fire fighting, hydrant flushing, flow testing, a water main break, or an extreme high usage of the water system.

Any connection to a non potable water source not protected could be siphoned back into the public water system, which can pollute or contaminate the water system. Back flow prevention is important because we assume that when we turn on the water tap, we have safe drinking water. This is a luxury we enjoy, but not without very strong regulations and considerable expenses. Our drinking water is among the safest in the world. Water protection and conservation requires the effort and cooperation of everyone.

How often Do Back flow Assemblies Need to Be Tested?
Back flow assemblies must be tested at the time of installation, annually after installation, after repairs, and after relocating.

Who Can Test the Back flow Assemblies?
Certified technicians "Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii" must check your back flow assemblies and will put a tag on to show completion and satisfaction of your system. Call Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii Today for all Your Commercial Plumbing Needs 808-621-4851

Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii has the experience in our trade to provide quality plumbing repairs to your business.

Commercial Plumbing Response Service
When it comes to a commercial plumbing application in Hawaii, Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii understand the urgency of why you called us.

Time is money. A quick response time can often mean a tremendous savings in time and stress.

WATER - Sewer and GAS
Faucet repairs & replacement Service piping for:
Sink& toilet replacement natural gas or propane
Hose bib replacement
Appliances Including:

Bathtub &shower replacement
Tankless water heater installation
Water heater repair&replacement • Log lighters
Instant hot dispensers • Furnaces
Disposal installs • Ranges and stove tops
Water softener installs • Water heaters
Water service repair&installation • Barbecues
Sewer drain line repair&installation
Water & gas leak detection
Water purification systems
Drain Cleaning

• Kitchen, laundry, Mainline
• Toilet, Urinal, Floor drain
• In-line camera inspection

Some of our commercial plumbing services include:
Preventative maintenance
Annual water meter service & Leak detection
Professional repair of all fixtures, water, and drain lines.
24 Hour Service. - Call Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii 808-621-4851

Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii can improve the look and feel of your "tired" plumbing fixtures and create a room with Your custom style. Meet with our Professional Designers to help you with the details, then together we'll choose the right fixtures for your budget. Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii plumbing projects can be completed in 1-2 days depending on the overall scope of work.

How about adding a new bathroom remodel or expanding the kitchen? 

We can help you create a functional and contemporary room. Isn't it time you made those changes you've wanted for so long?

With quality Sterling shower units, we can install a new shower with seats where the tub used to be. All shower pans are to eliminate squeaking.

How about a pressure balanced tub and shower valve to reduce scalding? You know the feeling...just enjoying a nice quiet shower!

Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii Plumbing & New Construction
There is more to a buildings plumbing system than just sinks and toilets. The plumbing system in your home or building is made up of three seperate but connected systems:

• The drain system - Eliminates waste
• The venting system - Allows water to displace air and drain properly
• The water system - Delivers fresh water to the plumbing fixture

Your plumbing system is important to us. Careful consideration is taken to provide a trouble free building when it comes to your plumbing. Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii will not settle for mediocrity on the jobsite and our work is guaranteed. It is our firm decision that we will go the second mile in our service, and do everything we are capable of to keep your job on schedule.

We want to help make your new plumbing & bathroom remodel dream come true call Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii in Mililani 808-621-4851.

Plumbing technology in the Hawaii Islands has advanced tremendously in recent years and Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii in Mililani has worked to stay current with the latest and greatest. As part of our offering as your One Stop Shop, we have ultrasonic leak detection systems to help locate leaks. Even under slab leaks to underground leaks, we can help locate the problem and resolve it!

Our Leak Detection Service is prompt and effective, making it the perfect solution for any leak you may have. Our professional, clean, and friendly technicians understand how frustrating a mystery leak can be — not to mention costly. With our top-of-the-line equipment and expertise, we can help find almost any leak. From locating a leak to repairing it, our team works efficiently to solve your problems and ensures a positive experience while working with us.

The employees of Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii, Inc. constantly strive to provide our customers with quality work at competitive prices, while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. This is accomplished by providing on time work that is second to none and ensuring the overall benefits and long term profitability for the company. So call Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii, Inc. 24 hours a day 7 days a week to receive professional quality service when you need it.

Exceed Clients Expectations
It’s as simple as that. This single philosophy is responsible for the success of a company that began with only one employee, Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii, and now leads a driven and experienced work force. We strive to exceed the expectation of the owner, the contractor, and the employee. We strive to exceed the expectations of the community by providing the plumbing services needed to build a better surrounding in Mililani & The Hawaii Islands 24/7 365 days a Year! 

Local Focus
CSL Plumbing in Mililani focuses our efforts on the highest standard of plumbing, provided in the most efficient amount of time. We understand that time is money and that focusing on completing the job right the first time, meeting proper deadlines and schedules, is crucial for our clients. 

Growth - CLean Sewer Lines Hawaii
While proudly assisting in the growth in the Hawaii Islands, Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii has earned the reputation of a reliable and respected plumbing company. Constant attention to our client’s desires and the capability to carry those wishes through implementation has earned the highest respect in Mililani & has the ability to consistently grow in volume, year after year. In recognition and appreciation, CSL Plumbing in Mililani passes such success down to each individual employee, providing the medical and financial benefits necessary to help each one secure a solid future.

Clean Sewer Lines Family Integrity
Clean Sewer Lines Hawaii is committed to honesty and fair business practice. Honesty is not just the best policy, it is our only policy when it comes to dealing with our customers. Whether a written contract or a handshake, CSL Plumbing in Mililani Plumbing stands behind our work and assures solid workmanship to every client.

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